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The Thirst Games

The Thirst Games was a huge success.  The feedback from the intended  audience was all amazingly positive and many were left wondering what will Mt. Gilead Productions do to top this project.  Every project provides you an opportunity to learn and grow in your craft and this one was no different.  The great thing about setting the bar higher is that next time you need to push yourself that much farther to be that much better.  The role of Abbadon was an interesting one and intriguing to play.  This marked my first opportunity to really delve into working with SFX and fight Choreography.  it was a ton of fun.  Special thanks to Brandon Douglas of bdougpro.com for all of the work you put in to make this project awesome.

As well as playing the villain Abbadon I was privileged to be the main visionary and writer for this production.  Look for the project to be released for digital download in the next couple of weeks.  It was a blessing to work with everyone who played a role in making this project a success.  rev.twenty-one:six